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Full mechanical contracting services

Lauden Mechanical Innovation prides themselves on providing full mechanical contracting services with subcontractors that share the same vision and goals.

Design Build Services

Lauden design build service provides clients with the luxury of communicating with one source throughout the entire building project. By combining design, architectural and engineering services with construction, a budget is decided from the beginning, allowing our clients to have the peace of mind knowing that through our vast experience, everything will be accounted for. With no change orders to follow after the fact. Allow our experts to guide the way to a flawless finish with effective communication.


Lauden has built ourselves a strong reputation in being the place to go for all of your commercial or industrial plumbing needs. With years of experience on all different types of plumbing systems, Lauden always works alongside clients and engineers to find solutions to problems and avoid expensive mistakes.

Hot Water Heating

Specializing in the design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of hydronic heating and cooling systems, Lauden has the skilled technicians required to carry out this work. With the benefit of having an off-site fabrication facility, we are able to prefabricate the bulk of the heating system which insures quality control and saves time on site.

Gas Fitting

With first and second class gas fitters on staff, we can install and service any type and size of gas appliances. With our close relationships with suppliers and manufactures, we will be able to quickly troubleshoot problems and get the support and repair parts quickly and efficiently.

Mechanical Site Services

From lift station to sanitary, storm and water services, we have experience with all aspects of mechanical site services. Our staff understand the risks involved which are mitigated by utility locates and trenching to the specifications to meet OH&S standards and safe confined space access.

Fire Suppression Systems

Lauden has built relationships with quality sprinkler subcontractors for over 45 years. We work alongside to insure the safety of our clients and their property, with a variety of automatic fire suppression systems. From fire sprinkler systems, gaseous fire suppression systems, and condensed aerosol fire suppression systems we can help you determine which system type is best to meet your needs and budget.

Pipe and Structural Welding

Our experienced qualified team of pipefitters and CWB & TSSA certified welders, specialize in the fabrication of structural steel and stainless steel assemblies. The Lauden fabrication shop is fully equipped to handle large pipe and structural welding projects. We have the highest level of industry standards to exceed client expectations.


Lauden has built relationships with quality HVAC subcontractors for over 45 years and work alongside to insure quality HVAC design, servicing and installation. Whether you are looking to control temperatures for building occupants or equipment, we are fully equipped to handle the job to meet your needs, budget, schedule and expectations. We do this with only the highest quality HVAC products and expertise.

Building Automation Controls

With a strong understanding of sophisticated mechanical control systems, Lauden works alongside quality Building Automation firms to insure the system is operating at peak efficiency and as the designer had intended. With the controls system essentially the key to the end user’s comfort, we put a great deal of time to insure this is done right and all systems are tested and commissioned properly.


Lauden has a substantial amount of expertise in sourcing quality insulating subcontractors and working hand in hand to insure the projects are completed efficiently. When complete, our mechanical rooms always look professional including the insulation to complement this.

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