Leading the way in safety.

Lauden thrives to maintain our goal of zero incidents record by protecting our own and everyone around us. We are the leaders in safety today.

Lauden protects our own by using the most advanced technologies when it comes to safety.

Priding ourselves on attaining the highest level of safety compliance with our leading edge safety management program that goes above and beyond industry standards. Lauden examines and tracks safety compliance in real time, while easily being able to monitor hazards and prevent incidents from happening.

Lauden employee safety training:

  • Workplace Hazardous Information System (WHMIS)
  • H2S Alive
  • OHS Management of subcontractor (training, procedures, equipment)
  • First Aid
  • Fall Protection
  • Confined Space
  • COR Certified

To ensure vehicle safety, all Lauden vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices which allows us to capture real time data on the vehicle’s location, speed and more.

Proud members of the Alberta construction association and the Merit contractor association.

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“As a Safety professional in the oil and gas industry, it is not often you come across a commercial, residential plumbing company that holds Safety of its employees, tradesman and subcontractors to such a high standard. When I conducted their COR (Certificate of Recognition) Audit in June of 2015, I was extremely impressed with the Health & Safety Management System that had been put into place to support the work conducted by this organization. It did not take long to identify that safety was a prerequisite for working here. In this industry, it’s not likely to find a company that holds their COR, let alone works their health and safety program. Management acknowledged the importance and found a system that made safety easy, efficient and paperless to comply with in the field, with just a small Investment.

The importance of putting safety in all aspects of their work ensures that the work is being completed by well-trained, skilled members of their team that holds contractors they work with to the same standard to ensure everyone will go home safe at the end of the day.”


“Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that protects the Health & Safety of its workers, the public and the environment. The safety of their workers is a paramount concern when planning and executing their programs, and incident prevention is an integral part of their job. By providing all personnel with the proper tools, equipment, and training, they are setting the stage for all activities to be performed safely and with minimal environmental impact. Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. has recently attaining their COR (Certificate of Recognition) status with the Alberta Construction Safety Association by evaluating their Health & Safety information to ensure record keeping and minimal Provincial Regulatory Requirements are being met. By achieving COR, this will aid the company in improving their Safety Program and helping Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. attain their goal of Journey to Zero Incidents.”