What our clients and partners have to say

Lauden Plumbing is proud of the relationships we have built among our many years in business and look forward to building new great relationships in the future. Here is what our clients have to say about us!

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"Dowland Contracting Ltd worked with Lauden on the Ecole McTavish Jr. High School in Fort McMurray, AB. The project value was approximately $30.M and the project duration was approximately 24 months. Lauden’s scope of work was valued at approximately $6.M We found working with Lauden to be a positive experience. They are a professional and competent mechanical contracting company and worked diligently with Dowland to ensure a value for dollar project for the Owner. Project communications and responses to site instructions, and change notices were carried out promptly and with accuracy. Lauden’s was compliant in producing shop drawings and technical information as required and their workmanship was efficient and tidy. It is in our opinion Lauden is a capable mechanical contractor and Dowland would not hesitate to work with them in the future. We have no hesitation recommending Lauden for your mechanical project requirements."

Trevor Doucette - G.S.C Construction Manager

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We have been working with Krystian, and his father before him, at Lauden Plumbing Services for over 20 years. They can handle any of size of project regardless of size, complexity, or schedule and I would highly recommend them.

Maurice Mercier – GenMec ACL Inc.

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"Jen-Col has been involved with Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. on numerous projects over the past years. We have always found both the management and site staff of Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. to be cooperative, dedicated, professional and capable of adapting to the demands of project variables. Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. is a well managed company capable of producing quality work. Jen-Col appreciates the diligent and professional manner with which LPS undertakes projects and we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them for any size of project."

Ronald Jodoin - President - General Manager

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"We have had the privilege of knowing the Lauden Plumbing Organization for a number of years as their Provider of Risk Management Services. The Company and Ownership of Lauden Plumbing are built on the sound fundamentals of superior quality work, empowering their people to make the right decisions in the field, and providing complete mechanical solutions to their long list of repeat/new clients. From this perspective, it is easy to see why Lauden Plumbing have been so successful over the years and will continue to be successful in the future."

Dave Bentley - Western Regional Practice Leader - Construction & Surety Practice

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"Lauden Plumbing Services consistently demonstrates a professional comprehensive approach to the projects that we have worked on with them.   They demand quality and delivery from their suppliers and sub-contractors, they are organized and show leadership in the execution of their construction projects. Working with Lauden Plumbing Services the Kinetic BMS Inc. experience has been projects executed on time meeting or exceeding the project design requirements, providing good value and quality to the facility users. "

Rob Paradis - Kinetic BMS Inc.

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"Lauden Plumbing is an exceptional mechanical outfit that delivers their scope of work seamlessly and on time with no hand-holding. They are a trusted construction partner – both in the field and in the office – that help drive the project schedule. I would highly recommend them to any client.

Jordan Zakordonski - Project Manager Krawford Construction

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"Lauden Plumbing has consistently been a professional mechanical company in Alberta that does excellent work and takes good care of its subs.  We have been involved with Lauden for many years and would partner with them on any project knowing they have good site management and pay their bills on time. "

Curt Scheewe - Adler Companies

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Engineered Air has been doing business with Lauden Plumbing Services since 1978 and I had the pleasure of doing business with their founder, Laurence Ference. Krystian is operating the company as Laurence had intended with honesty and integrity.

Perry L. Zapernick P. Eng – Division Manager, Northern Sales

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"Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that protects the Health & Safety of its workers, the public and the environment. The safety of their workers is a paramount concern when planning and executing their programs, and incident prevention is an integral part of their job. By providing all personnel with the proper tools, equipment, and training, they are setting the stage for all activities to be performed safely and with minimal environmental impact. Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. has recently attaining their COR (Certificate of Recognition) status with the Alberta Construction Safety Association by evaluating their Health & Safety information to ensure record keeping and minimal Provincial Regulatory Requirements are being met. By achieving COR, this will aid their company in improving their Safety Program and helping Lauden Plumbing Services Ltd. attain their goal of Journey to Zero Incidents. "

Carmen Boisvert - NCSO, Safety Coordinator

We have worked together with Lauden Plumbing for the last 15 years on many projects, big and small. All have been managed professionally and completed with superior workmanship , which has resulted in repeat business. We look forward to working on any project with the Lauden Plumbing group.

Ken Beier – Beier Sheet Metal Ltd.